How to log on to Linksys router? Intuitive Guideline with steps

Linksys Router Login

For advance setting of the router, you must know how to access and configure the router by logging on to router web interface. If you are having trouble accessing the wireless internet from the router, so, it is a basic step for troubleshooting to login to the router web interface and configures. Linksys is one of the best router available in the market with both wireless and wired connectivity. It has a very useful router web interface where you can log in and access the control panel of the router and troubleshoot your network.

To access the control panel of Linksys router, your must-have an internet connection. If your wireless network is not configuring, then, connect to the internet via the Ethernet port on the router. If you are facing any problem in network connectivity and want to resolve it, you can log in to the router web application where the control panel of the router is available and you can configure the setting and can fix it. However, if you can’t fix the problem, you can contact customer care but you should try to fix itself by log in to the Linksys router.

Steps for login:

Here I will provide you a step-by-step manual to login to the router intuitively. So let’s start

STEP 1: On your router and connect your laptop to the same network to whom you want to configure (by log in to the control panel) with the help of an Ethernet cable. Connecting via Ethernet cable doesn’t require any password. So, if you don’t know the password then it’s not a big problem, you just have to connect Ethernet cable and boom, you have connected to wifi.

STEP 2: Open your command prompt. Simply click the window button at the bottom left corner of your pc and type “cmd”. Your control panel will be open.

STEP 3: Simply type command “ipconfig” and check the default gateway value as shown in the figure below.

Note the default gateway value of the router as shown below


This will be the IP-address of your router. Most probably you will find one of these IP-address as shown in the figure below


STEP 4:  Copy the default gateway address from the previous step and open your favorite browser whatever it is chrome or safari or explorer (just kidding) and paste that default gateway address into the search bar of your browser. This will show the password panel for specific model router whichever you put in the search box as shown in the figure below

STEP 5: Once you have put the default gateway address in the search box of your browser, you will find a default login interface where you have to put your default username and default password to access the control panel as shown in the above figure. This interface can vary from model to model.

You simply have to add your default username and password. If you don’t know your default username and password, don’t worry. It is printed on the bottom of the Linksys router. Go and copy it.


Now you have a login to the control panel of Linksys router and you can change any setting you want to change or configure. But before this, you need to reset your Linksys router. This action can be performed easily by the reset button on your Linksys router. Press and hold that button for 15 seconds and factory reset will automatically start. If the factory reset doesn’t initiate, hold it for 30 seconds.

You can apply another method for reset. But 2nd method will be applicable only if you don’t have to lose network connectivity and you are accessing the control panel for another purpose.

Simply log in to the admin panel of your account and if the interface prompts you to an email address then, Select  “for local access click here”. This provides you with password-only access. Once you have logged in, just go to the factory setting menu and click reset.

If the Power LED is blinking it indicates that you have successfully reset your Linksys router. If you had changed your username and password, you should have to use the default login procedure for connectivity.


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