8 IoT based project ideas for 2020

internet of things projects in 2020

With growing interest in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), there has been plenty of advancement in numerous sectors like medical and healthcare, home systems, manufacturing industry, retail, business, and others.
The global market size of IoT is predicted to increase from $28.6 billion in 2019 up to $53.8 billion by the end of 2024, at a CAGR of 13.5% throughout the forecast amount.
In one of our articles, we have mentioned however Asian nation railways may use this technology to match up to alternative countries. during this article, we have a tendency to list down eight IoT project ideas for the final year projects in 2020/2021.

Here I Have enlisted some of these projects:

  • Smart Cradle System
  • Flood detection system
  • Baby monitoring system
  • A smart device for athletes
  • Video Surveillance robot
  • Baggage Tracker
  • Smart Wheelchair
  • Night patrolling Robot

 IoT based Intelligent Cradle System: The whole idea behind making the intelligent cradle system is to enable parents to see abreast of their infants and monitor their routine and activities from remote locations.

This is one in all the fascinating IoT project ideas. The IoT-based intelligent cradle system includes a cry detecting mechanism and live-video detecting alongside a UI (user interface). The cradle is provided with multiple sensors that will check and monitor the humidness and temperature of the bed. On the opposite hand, the detection camera hooked up to the cradle can still send footage of the kid to the fogeys.

The data generated by the sensors keep within the cloud. To boot, the system includes a health formula that feeds on the sensor data to repeatedly check the health condition of the kid and alert the fogeys if it senses something uncommon within the baby’s health stats.

IoT Based Flood detection system: Floods are a typical natural disaster that happens nearly once a year in our country. Floods not solely destroy agricultural fields and turn out, however, they conjointly take a big toll on life. This can be why early flood detection is very very important to stop the loss of life and valuable assets.

The original uploader was Sjjupadhyay at English Wikibooks. / CC BY 

This flood detection system is constructed to observe and track totally different natural factors (humidity, temperature, water level, etc.) wish to predict a flood, thereby permitting America to take the required measures for minimizing the injury caused. The system uses sensors to gather the info for all the relevant natural factors. As an example, a digital temperature humidness sensing element detects the fluctuations in humidness and temperature. On the opposite hand, the afloat sensing element regularly monitors the water level.

IoT based Theft prevention system: Security is one amongst the first decisions for homes, businesses, and companies. Having a strong security system helps to stay unwanted intruders trapped. The IoT-based theft prevention system is that a good answer for guarding homes also as industrial enterprises.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This anti-theft security system is programmed to watch the complete floor of the building for the pursuit of any reasonably uncommon movement. once turned on, one movement may trigger an associate alarm, thereby alerting the homeowners of the property concerning unwanted guests. It works one thing like this – whenever you left a house or a building, the Piezo detector is turned on for pursuit of any movement in and around the property.

So if an associate entrant were to enter the property, the detector would send the information to the microcontroller, which then converts it into a proof for the camera to snap an image of the entrant. This image is then sent to the owners on their smartphones. Mentioning IoT comes will facilitate your resume look far more attention-grabbing than others.


IoT Based Smart athletics device: This smart athletic device will give real-time information about the movements of players throughout training and games, like acceleration, angle, and directions, further as their health standing. It may well be useful for both the players and sports audiences because it will facilitate in understanding the sport higher, enhancing the performance of the players, and learning the talents.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

IoT Based Video Surveillance robot:

A mechanism has been developed which may be used for video detection, surveillance &observance which may be controlled through a graphical user interface (GUI). The management mechanism is supplied with a video transmission facility. The video transmission is much obtained through high-speed image transmission. Initially, the mechanism is going to be equipped with a camera that can capture the scenes and transfer the photographs to the server on that the user is going to be dominant and looking at the live feed.

Photo by Tuur Tisseghem from Pexels

IoT Based luggage Tracker:

When you say that just one percent of luggage is lost throughout travel, it looks like a really little range. However, after we move to absolute numbers, I Chronicles from billions of travelers continues to be a large range. The succeeding bag that they lose can be yours.

A system that is going to build that will track your luggage even whereas it’s within the air. Build it, keep this tracking device your bag and you will track all the main points from your phone.

Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from Pexels

Smart Wheelchair: Smart wheelchairs not solely specialize in the mobility of the device however conjointly on the health observance of the patient. the target of the current work is to develop a wise sensing chair by implementing sensors at intervals in its structures. Employing sensors and processing by embedded systems, the intelligent chair is ready to track the guts rate, blood oxygen levels, etc. and initiates a trigger shortly if it receives any abnormality. The necessities of this project embrace Arduino IDE, Node MCU, MQTT library, PPG sensing element, and such alternative devices.

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Night patrolling Robot: Security may be a common concern for all. As most of the crime happens at midnight, that the IoT project comes up with an answer that’s a patrolling mechanism that uses the night vision camera. This mechanism patrols over a predefined path and detects horrendous sound.

Photo by Lenin Estrada from Pexels

If found, it scans the world with its 360 degrees moving the camera and check out to find any external body part. Then it sends the image to the close user UN agency that is using this whole IoT project. The user gets the horrendous notification to send by the mechanism.

CONCLUSION: IoT primarily refers to several billion of physical devices that are connected to the net in the whole world. it’s constructively merging the physical and digital worlds. During this article, we’ve got provided you some fascinating IoT project ideas which are able to facilitate each beginner and consultants in upgrading their data and to achieve time period expertise by acting on these IoT project ideas.

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