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internet of things in industry || Future of internet of things

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Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of globally connected/interrelated computing devices(microprocessor or controllers), digital machines, objects, interfaces, animals or people having unique identifiers and have ability to transfer/collect data over a network without requiring any kind of human to human or human to computer interaction

Internet of thing has become the need of industry 4.0. :

Internet of things have changed our way of living an thinking. May be you are using cell phone, laptop or any other gadget to read this article by connecting to internet. Internet have changed our lives in many different aspects. If you have seen the age when there were only cell phones not smartphones. Through these cell phones, we call only call or text to each other but today smart phones have connected us to whole world via internet connection and we can read, learn and do many productive tasks by the internet. The use of internet along with other physical devices (Such as Cars, refrigerators, security locks and much more) is called Internet of thing (IoT) and internet has made them much useful and efficient than ever.

The connectivity of these devices to internet indicates they can send and receive data/information from devices and these data can be manipulated for smart and efficient usage of device. This concept hit the industry hard and has impressed the industrialist a lot because of its importance. Now a days, every industry is seen impacted by this iot technology. Whether it is security industry or construction industry, manufacturing or transport industry, or healthcare iot, internet of things have changed their way of working. Iot have greatly reduced the human efforts in industry by replacing intelligent devices in the market.

IOT In Industry:

Iot is integrating devices and sensors in industry across the globe such as minning, manufacturing, security, construction, logistics, automation and transportation for boosting industry’s efficiency, reliability, safety and finally profitability. In this article we will see some of use cases of iot in industry, future of iot and latest trends in iot.

IOT in healthcare and medicine Indusry:

Iot has put its root deeply in the field of medicine, health and operation monitoring system. Now a days, a huge number of iot based system and devices are available in the market which are effectively integrating the era of medicine to new level. Many multinational company are integrating internet of things with medicine and healthcare for better outcome. Here are few examples of these multinational systems

  • Kinect HoloLens Assisted Rehabilitation Experience (KHARE) By Microsoft : IOT based medical monitoring system integrating internet of things and artificial intelligence in healthcare for mirror neuron therapy. This IOT based worldwide patient monitoring system, created by collaboration of Microsoft and National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL) collects data from 25 joints of body in every second of 30 minutes physical session. Data is then send to Cloud, analyzed/observed by expert doctors and they use this data to analyze effectiveness of their therapy or protocols.
  • Smart Fridge for Vaccine Storage By Weka: Another internet of things based medicine system for vaccine management introduced by WEKA which analyze storage issues of medicine in freezers such as recommended temperature, power management and spoilage prevention of medicine. It provides a very useful monitoring environment, which checks whether medicine is stored/kept at suitable temperature. This iot based smart fridge acess medicines of user in fridge and give company remote access to fridge using internet and company take care of fridge behavior depending on medicine. Many softwares are available in market such as Azure by Microsoft and Mindsphere by Siemens which helps in effective data collection of these internet of things based devices to remote companies.

Then there are several medical devices are available in market which helps in better management/care of patient

  • CYCORE Cancer treatment The Cyberinfrastructure for Comparative Effectiveness Research (CYCORE) use in radio therapy using the Bluetooth connection for weight scale and blood pressure measurement, integrated with symptoms tracking application, that provides update to patients physician or love ones and recommends treatment depends on level/stage of disease.
  • Apple Depression Watch App: Another application of internet of things in healthcare which uses depression diagnostic sensors. These watches are used now a days for research purposes for analyzing chronic conditions integrating biometric collection of data with user input. And recently John Hopkins university announced a project which will use smart watches to study for possible triggers for epileptic seazures.

iot based depression detection watch

  • Blood coagulation testing Smartphones: parylene-C coated quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) sensors are integrated with iot to measure the rate of blood coagulation in human body. These sensors generate signal, executed by smart phones and frequency response of these sensor signals help in measuring coagulation rate.
  • ADAMM Asthma Monitor: Another integration of internet of things in health care with asthma monitoring biosensors. It vibrates to warn the user or it can send message to physician or loved ones to warn about situation. Its integration with web application help user for medication time setting.

iot based adamm asthma monitor

  • Automated insulin delivery: OpenAPS abbreviation for Open Artificial Pancreas System, a closed loop mechanism which not only meaures insulin in bloodstream but also provide sufficient insulin closing the loop. This device is integration of raspberry pi computers with CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) and insulin pump.

iot based insulin injector phone

IOT based Lumbda project


Manufacturing is the industrial field in which iot is spending a lot of money in context of hardware and software. In 2016, iot spent $102 in manufacturing and by 2020, this investment has been increased by 200%. By the advances of cloud computing, affordable and efficient sensors and very reliable actuators have boosted the manufacturing to new level.

1. Remote Monitoring of Industrial Operations:

Now a days, a number of iot based remote monitoring systems are available in the market, which analyzes the motion of machine using motion sensors, and use the data for remote monitoring and working of machines in manufacturing. Furthermore, the integration of big data with internet of things have changed the concept of industry. The industries with many branches across the globe can be monitored at one place by the virtue of IOT.

2. Smart maintenance and asset management:

The integration of internet of things with Artificial intelligence has proved much worth in manufacturing industry. Earlier, we use to repair/replace the machines when the damaged actually occurred. However, now a day, a number of sensors in manufacturing collects data of behavior of machine. This data is further processed and manipulated by Artificial intelligent based algorithms and can easily be used to predict the behavior of machine. This type of technology warns us earlier about defects which helps in better cost management and much more.

Here are few examples of Iot in manufacturing and industry

  1. IOT Based Smart Bed:

    Bosch manufactured these smart beds in 2015. The motivation behind the development was most of the workers, old age people and youth at age 21-23 found difficulty in sleeping due to stress and labor. Therefore, they prepared smart beds embedded with sensors to detect stress and analyze the data to provide an optimal condition for body to sleep. This idea became much famous among workers/labors working in industry.

  2. LUMBDA :

    A very energetic project by hitachi, connecting leveraging technology including trains, which the company has started to sell as a service. Earlier, Hitachi claimed that within his Omika work division, he has produced smart production unit which reduced the production lead time to half. This Omika work division is used in manufacturing of electricity, traffic and steel manufacturing.

iot based lumbda project

  1. Smart Pumping :

    Smart pumps are playing a key role in industrial internet of things. Smart embedded sensors in pump not only regulate the flow but it also regulate the pressure of water as well. It also turns off pump automatically depending on conditions and collect real time information of the machinery. These pumps are extremely important in controlling electricity expenses, reducing manual labor and profitable production with minimum loss of water.


IOT based smart pump
IOT based smart pump


Another industry, which is greatly influenced by miracles of internet of things, is vehicles and transportation industry. Traffic is increasing now a days and smart iot is playing a smart role in better management of vehicles. Today, a number of iot based smart vehicles, smart transportation systems, smart parking system and smart petrol pumps are available. These smart transportation systems have greatly increased the safety and made the industry cost efficient.


    internet of thing technology help in small automated and smart efficient parking space that provides a wireless access to parking and user can keep track of car. According to research by INRIX, American drivers, on average, spend 17 hours per year and cost $345 per driver in United States. Thus, these systems search for availability of free space and alert the driver via notification. Thus, time for parking can be minimize. Also, RFID technology in these smart parking systems help in prevention of theft.

    IOt based smart parking system
    IOt based smart parking system

    Now a day, a number of iot based smart vehicle is available in market with proper accident detection system embed in in it. These vehicle are using Real time operating system which takes precautionary measures (open airbag in milliseconds and inform the near ambulance service via internet) in case of accident. Furthermore, these vehicles have break lock technology in case of sliding area. Furthermore, these cars have many smart sensors for adjusting environment of car and auto driving features of car.

    iot based smart vehicle
    iot based smart vehicle

    A number of iot based smart petrol pumps and petrol pump finder apps are available in market to help the passengers. Many passengers get stuck in middle of highways due to empty fuel tanks. Now, iot based petrol pump finder iot based app is available which warns at low fuel level and provides us with nearest petrol pump. This app is integrated with ultrasonic sensors for detection of fuel level and Google map API for detection of nearest fuel. Also, there are number of smart petrol pump monitoring systems are available in the market which detects the fuel level in pump and automatically contact the supplier for fuel delivery.

    Iot based smart petrol pump
    Iot based smart petrol pump



Another field, which greatly influenced by AIOT (Artificial intelligence of things), is smart security system. These intelligent and smart security systems check your network behavior, automatically detects anomalies, cyber threats and risks and monitor all your assets. Internet of things in security focus on building smart wireless system using internet, alerts owner in case of any threat, and raises alarm. These iot based smart security have greatly reduced the threat and improve the safety level to great extent. These smart systems have also reduced the much cost of safety.

iot based smart security systems
iot based smart security systems


Internet of things has a great opportunities in future as all the industries are integrating internet of things with Artificial intelligence to provide intelligent and smart system. This technology is playing a major role in 4th industrial revolution now and its collaboration with AI and machine learning will play a key role in future technology.

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